Williams Turbojet

These exclusive Jet tenders have a perfect sailing feature and come in different variants: Williams 285 and Williams 325

Williams 285 – 3 persons Turbojet

The Turbojet 285 wakes up as soon as the key is turned and immediately switches to a quiet, undisturbed idle state. However, when you open and hold the throttle, an exciting ride begins.

Powered by the Weber turbocharged 98hp 4-stroke engine, the Turbojet 285 has a performance level to match its size. A sporty hull ensures that it spins tight even at high speeds. Water skiers will enjoy her ability to follow a straight line – all in all, an unexpected experience with such a compact boat. The Turbojet 285 can easily carry three adults and can therefore also be used for general ferry services, making it a great practical tender for any type of yacht.

Williams 285 Turbojet specifications

Overall length 2.90m
Decking beam 1.69m
Seats 3 people
Dry weight 300KG
Engine Rotax ACE 903 - 90pk
Top speed 74kp/h
Typical equipment Yachts from 12-16m

Williams 325 – 4 persons Turbojet

The Turbojet 325 accelerates from 0 to 20 knots in four seconds and does not stop until you have reached more than 40 knots. As with the entire range of Turbojets, this performance is made possible by the high-torque 98hp Weber engine powered by a high performance pumping system. The spatial design of the Turbojet 325s can hold four adults and a child. Luggage is stored in the front locker and under the central seats. The hull length promotes excellent low speed planing and provides an extremely stable surface for safe embarkation/disembarkation.

As with all Turbojets, the fuel consumption is impressive, which makes long-term use of the tender between refuelling and cruising along the coast truly possible. A quality choice for the demanding yacht owner.

Williams 325 Turbojet specifications

Overall length 3.30m
Decking beam 1.72m
Seats 4 people
Dry weight 320
Engine Rotax ACE 903 - 90pk
Top speed 74kp/h
Typical equipment Yachts from 16-21m