Zodiac Ribs

Zodiac is known as a synonym for inflatable boat. This brand offers more models than any other manufacturer. So there is a Zodiac for everyone. Delta Watersport is happy to help you choose your Zodiac rib, we can supply the following models if desired.

Comfort Cruising

With each model in the Comfort Cruising category, you can make the most of your days at sea. The design, ergonomics, choice of materials and superstructure are designed to simplify manoeuvres and give the entire crew plenty of space.

Sport Cruising

The Sport Cruising line is for absolute water sports enthusiasts. They love fishing, skiing or diving and expect their boat to allow them to practice their favourite sport in the best conditions of comfort, performance and safety.

Easy Cruising

The Easy Cruising line includes all folding inflatable boats. Everything has been thought out to simplify the various operations from storage to preparation, while maintaining an excellent price-quality ratio. They are real boats for the sea – light, fast and versatile.